Hello Tech Pros, What Products & Businesses Are You Building?

Hello Tech Pros is a podcast that explores the opportunities, challenges and anxieties that technical professionals and techpreneurs face when building their career, building their products and building their business. This show is about the people behind technology and the mindsets and skill sets they developed that led to their success. The show's host, Chad Bostick, is a 20 year veteran of the software development industry both as a practitioner and as a manager at companies like iBEAM Broadcasting, Devon Energy, Zynga and Fanduel. Chad is also an advocate for the awareness of Social Anxiety Disorder in the tech industry. His own battle in overcoming social anxieties led him to get the girl, lead the teams and launch a very successful podcast where he has interviewed over 250 guests.
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Hello Tech Pros, What Products & Businesses Are You Building?



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Dec 26, 2016

Avi Kasztan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Sixgill. Originally from Uruguay, Avi moved to Israel at age 18 and has become a successful entrepreneur. Avi has a degree in Computer Engineer and an MBA from the Technion, and has both worked at and founded several startups in the technology and cyber-security field.


Sixgill ( is a cyber intelligence SaaS startup that analyzes the Dark Web. The company’s advanced platform detects and defuses cyber-attacks and sensitive data leaks originating from the Dark Web before they occur, and provides this information to clients through real-time alerts. Sixgill’s platform can also be used to expose illegal marketplaces, and warn of physical attacks to organizations and individuals. Sixgill is a graduate of the Citi Accelerator in Tel Aviv, and is working closely with Citi mentors to adapt the product capabilities to the needs of large global enterprises

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What You Will Learn on This Episode

  • The similarities and differences between the Deep Web & Dark Web and why you need to know about them.
  • Where the criminal masterminds go online to sell your identity and plan your assassination. (Not kidding!)
  • How to find information in an environment when you can just "Google it."
  • How to protect your money, your identity and your life by observing safe practices online.
  • What you should do to seek and destroy hidden viruses on your computer that anti-virus programs can't find.
  • The benefits of the Dark Web and why we don't want to shut it down.